2017- Group exhibition "Zeitnot", Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2015- Group exhibition "Scopophobia", Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2015-First year student at the University Babes-Bolyai,Cluj- Napoca, Romania
2015-First year student at the University of Arts and Design ,Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2015-Group exhibition “Fragment.Akasha”,Cluj-Napoca,Romania
2015- Professional skills certificate
2015- Group exhibition  “Unrelated” ,Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2015- 3rd Award at the contest  “In Memoriam”, section drawing,
Lodz ,Poland
2014- Group exhibition”Caveat Emptor”,Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2014-2nd Award at the International Biennal of  Miniature , section graphics, drawing , painting, 
Wroclaw, Poland
2014-Group exhibition “Anorexigen”,Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2014-1st Award at the International Art Contest “N.N.Tonitza, 16th edition, Barlad, Romania
2014-3rd Award at the International Competition of Fine Arts for Children and Youth "Hollosi Simon",  5th edition  - Baia Mare, Romania
2014-2nd Award at “Ladea Festival”, 16th editional, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2014-3rd Award at National Arts Olympiad, Romania
2014-Group exhibition “Self-portrait”, Cluj –Napoca, Romania
2014-Group exhibition “Ce-ai”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2013-Personal exhibition “Old School Café”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2013- Mention at “Ladea Festival”, 15th edition, Cluj –Napoca, Romania


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