Grosu Denisa Andreea

0749 955 329

Artistic Anatomy Program, Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
2014–Present Member, Curator and Public relations
Group "Cercul de grafică", Cluj-Napoca (Romania)


2011–2015 High School Diploma
Visual Art High School "Romulus Ladea" Cluj-Napoca, Cluj- Napoca (Romania)
2015–2018 Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts
University of Arts and Design (UAD), Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
Department: Painting
2015–2018 Bachelor Degree in History
University Babe -Bolyai (UBB), Cluj-ș Napoca (Romania)
Department: Art History
Erasmus+ILP (Intensive Learning Program)- "From Theory to Practice- International
Teaching in Field Archaeology in Roman Sarmizegetusa", Sarmizegetusa (Romania)
Archaelogical excavations and research in the Roman site Sarmizegetusa Dacica Colony.
7/2017–9/2017 Erasmus+ Programm
Accademia di Belle Arti Macerata, Macerata (Italy)
Scenography department
Participated alongside the scenography department from Accademia di Belle Arti di Macerata at the
Macerata Opera Festival in collaboration with the department of stage design
University Babeș-Bolyai (UBB), Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
Master studies
Department: Archeology and classical studies

Foreign language(s): English, Italian 

Digital skills: Proficient user

2017- Group exhibition "Zeitnot", Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2015- Group exhibition "Scopophobia", Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2015-Group exhibition "Fragment.Akasha",Cluj-Napoca,Romania
2015- Professional skills certificate
2015- Group exhibition "Unrelated" ,Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2015- 3rd Award at the contest "In Memoriam", section drawing,
Lodz ,Poland
2014- Group exhibition"Caveat Emptor",Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2014-2nd Award at the International Biennal of Miniature , section graphics, drawing , painting,
Wroclaw, Poland
2014-Group exhibition "Anorexigen",Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2014-1st Award at the International Art Contest "N.N.Tonitza, 16th edition, Barlad, Romania
2014-3rd Award at the International Competition of Fine Arts for Children and Youth "Hollosi Simon", 5th
edition - Baia Mare, Romania
2014-2nd Award at "Ladea Festival", 16th editional, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2014-3rd Award at National Arts Olympiad, Romania
2014-Group exhibition "Self-portrait", Cluj –Napoca, Romania
2014-Group exhibition "Ce-ai", Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2013-Personal exhibition "Old School Café", Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2013- Mention at "Ladea Festival", 15th edition, Cluj –Napoca, Romania


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