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Student of the " University of Art and Design"  of Cluj Napoca and the "Faculty of History and Philosophy" try to develop through my art a subject that defines us from the prehistory to the present day - faith.
 Sacramentality is a connection to the divinity we all seek, we could say it is a genetic legacy that includes an attraction like gravity.
 It is not necessary to be understood or perceived equally by all, and it is individualized according to the person, which is why this study is interesting - the completion of the stages of metamorphosis, the first foundations that create them and where it can urge us to change at the physical or strict behavioral level.
 The study of cults for historians is one of the most challenging subjects because remnants are few and always require adaptation to the form encountered precisely why attraction for the discovery of spiritual nature can be challenging, complex and outstanding, but the result of the reproduction of sacredness reveals an entire thinking of a civilization.
 I believe that my studies in the field of history help me in my concept to discover these cults and to analyze the sacramental processes and the rigorous approaches.As for my artistic process, changes occur when adding a new stage in the evolution of the theoretical approach.
The subjects of my works are adapted to fragments from my current research, especially on prehistoric and ancient denominations in the Balkan region and the Orient, and I try to relate myself to the Roman and Greek beliefs.


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